Drilling Machine

Drill machine HK-KC12T

Drill machine  HK-KC12T

Code: KC12T

  • All the drilling machine parts are processed under fully automatic technology ( CNC ) of Japan
  • The accuracy between splines ( grooves ) is 0.05 mm ( 5/100)
  • All the machine parts are precisely grinded 0.005 mm ( 5/1000)
  • The set of axis is made of S45C steel that helps to increase the longevity

Technical information

 Drill route  80 mm
 Distance from bit to drilling plate  420 mm
 Distance from bit to cyclinder  182.5 mm
 Drill bit diameter   3 - 16/25 mm
  Tap  - Iron: M4-M10
   - Cast iron: M4-M12 
  Diameter of cylinder  75 mm
 Cone hole to fit the drill drive  Cone 3
 Speed stage  200-280-350-450-480-680-1155-1580-2220
 Motor (HP, Phase)  1HP-3Phase-4P
 Machine size  700X360X1200
 Machine weight  95 Kg

Option: Can choose motor 3 phase