Drilling Machine

Drilling machine KCP15

Drilling machine KCP15

Code: HK-KCP15

  • All the drilling machine parts are processed under fully automatic technology ( CNC ) of Japan
  • The accuracy  between splines ( grooves ) is 0.05 mm ( 5/100)
  • All the machine parts are precisely grinded 0.005 mm ( 5/1000)
  • The set of axis is made of S45C steel that helps to increase the longevity
  • Cone drill use cutting hand tohook the groove, running lavet ( compound table + Teo are required )




Technical information

 Drill route  90 mm
 Distance from bit to drilling plate  500 mm
 Distance from bit to cyclinder  254mm
 Drill bit diameter   5-20/25
 Diameter of cylinder  92
 Cone hole to fit the drill drive  3
 Speed stage 175-290-310-430-505-510-1095-1270-1835 
 Motor  1 HP- 1 Phase-4P
 Machine size  800X410X1500
 Machine weight  140kg
 Distance from bit to foot  -