Drilling Machine

Drilling machine KT 10

Drilling machine KT 10

Code: HK-KT10

  • All the machine parts are processed under fully automatic technology ( CNC ) of Japan
  • The accuracy between splines ( grooves ) is 0.05 mm ( 5/100)
  • All the machine parts are precisely grinded 0.005 mm ( 5/1000)
  • The set of axis is made of S45C steel that helps to increase the longevity

Technical information

Are you looking for a high quality drilling machine at competitive price?
Do you wonder what kind of drilling machine that suits your need?
Do warranty and purchasing policies make you hesitate?

Hong Ky is a 30-year brand in mechanical engineering with high credibility from customers. Key principles in all our activities always put customers' satisfaction at the top. The HK KT10, with its best quality, is a highly advanced machine that uses CNC technology from Japan. Moreover, fast service, good warranty gives you a great experience.

Characteristics of drilling machine KT10:

1 / CNC technology in Japan with high accuracy

The KT10 drilling machine is a single-phase drilling machine that uses CNC technology from Japan to bring you the finished product with a high accuracy of 0.05mm.

2 / Specifications of drilling machine KT10:

With 70mm drilling and 3-16mm diameters and variable speed levels, you get the most convenience and ease in use.
Furthermore, the distance from the drill to the drilling rig is 340mm and the drilling distance to the cylinder is 165.5mm for your drilling operations.
The outstanding feature of the HK KC10 is the HK-KCP12 (HK-KCP15) tapered hand  clamping machine.

3 / Weight, sizes

With a horizontal dimension of 350cm, a vertical length of 700cm, and a height of 1000cm, the range is just right for the user. Weighing 65kg - sufficient weight, high rigidity and vibration during drilling are significantly reduced

4 / Machine Lifespan of drilling machine KT10:

In terms of drilling machine lifespan, you do not have to consider it when the S45C is made of S45C steel, which increases the lifespan up to several times as long as that compared to other drills currently available on the market today.

Specification KT 10
Drill route 70 mm
Distance from bit to drilling plate 340 mm
Distance from bit to cyclinder
Drill bit diameter  16-Mar
Diameter of cylinder 75
Cone hole to fit the drill drive 0
Speed stage 480-725-1025-1405
Motor 1/2 HP- 1 Phase-4P
Machine size 700X350X1000
Machine weight 65kg

Option: Can choose motor 3 phase

The reason you should buy KT10 drilling machine from the Hong Ky 

- CNC Japan technology with high accuracy up to 0.05mm, for beautiful products
- CNC technology saves up to 60%
- High durability with shaft set made of S45C steel of superior quality
- Variable speed levels with many different levels for easy adjustment
- 12 month warranty 
- An enthusiastic consultant making it easy to choose the right drilling machine 

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