Drilling Machine

Drilling machine Taro KT340

Drilling machine Taro KT340

Code: HK KT340

  • Drilling machine KT340 meets the requirements for processing the holes and taps in a simple, fast, accurate and efficient way. In addition, this drilling machine at low cost is suitable for household appliances and small workshops
  • KT340 is capable of working with Ø3÷Ø13 drill bits,  M4-M10 tap used for iron marterial, M4-M12 tap used for cast iron materials
  • All parts of drilling machine HK KT340 is processed based on CNC automation precision technology from Japan, with accuracy at 0.05 mm
  • Also, parts of machines use the grinding technology forming outputs with 0.005mm accurate
  • The shaft  is made of S45C steel that increases its durability and endurance



Technical information

 Specification HK KT340 
   2 buly
 Drill route  75mm
 Distance from bit to drilling plate  468mm
 Distance from bit to cyclinder  165mm
 Diameter of cylinder  Ø80mm
 Drill bit diameter  Ø3 -Ø13mm
 Tap  M4-M10- iron metal and M4-M12- cast iron 
 Motor  1Hp–3phase–4P 
 Machine size  320x600x1020
 Machine weight