Welding Machine HK TIG 250AD/DC

Welding Machine HK TIG 250AD/DC

Code: HK Tig 250 AC/DC

  • The tig welding machine can be used when the electric is weak ( 180V-204V)
  • Save 50%-60% of the eclectric power
  • Display the digital welding current
  • High working eciency, have overload and overheat protection mode, unstable power source
  • Have two functions: DC  ( stick welding, TIG welding ARGON) -AC ( aluminium welding)
  • Welding materials: Iron, Copper, Stainlass steel, Aluminum
  • Application : to weld the iron door, stainless steel, aluminum, home and industrial appliances, etc.

Technical information

 Specification  HK Tig 250AC/DC
 Input Voltage(V)  1 phase 220V ± 15%
 Power Output (KVA )  9
 Output Intensity (A)  20-250
 Output Voltage ( V)  50-70
 Efficiency  60%
 Weight (Kg)  23
 Welding stick (mm)  2.6 - 4.0
 Tungsten Electrode ( mm)  1.6-2.4-3.2



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